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Create edit and use .htaccess file

. Let's talk about .htaccess file How can we use it to : - protect files - protect directories - allow or deny access - redirect - password protect a directory - deny IP address - hotlinking Very important. Always have a backup of your files and after adding a new rule, test and see if it works. This way you'll prevent a lot of server internal errors, or if they do occur, you know which rule is not in agreement with your server. So, .

Protect images directory on host

How to protect resources directories from direct access via browser view? Well, there are multiple ways to do it but fastest and easiest way is by adding an index file inside this directory. The What, Why and How questions. What is a resource directory on a host? A resource directory is a folder (or folders) on your host which hold some files. Recommended backend environment for a website /web page is based on a structure. A web page  (or entire .