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editable texts
browser based / local file
no plugins, no hosting
images can be changed
use of Interact OBS option

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This overlay is compatible with the OBS Software.

Use the Browser option with local source to display two sections with texts and image.

Editing capabilities through the built-in Interact function provided by OBS’s interface


Displays full screen overlay. In the left section you can edit the Title and all text elements. Although these texts can be edited, they are NOT permanently saved. Refresh the page and return to the default content

In the right section are displayed 3 images and editable text elements.

Images can be changed by clicking. Click on the image, in the open window you can search for the source of the image you want to display. This function uses the upload API but these images are NOT uploaded anywhere, they remain in the browser as long as you do not refresh the page

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overlay for OBS Software


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Does it work with other live streaming software?

We've tested this overlay only with OBS.

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