2in1 overlay Top Tippers 36


OBS overlay 
Browser based – local file  overlay for OBS

Available functionality:

– type to change premium user names
– click the title to drag the overlay across screen
– hover medal icon to read


About Overlay

Suitable for webcam performers.

Once enabled, this overlay displays a Top Tippers and webcam frame (optional) widgets with editable capabilities via Interact (OBS feature)

How to use

  • Almost all text-based elements are editable via Interact OBS functionality
  • In Interact window click the header (text) to drag / move the overlay across the screen
  • All editing is done in real time and it will render in live stream
  • Upon refresh of the browser source all editing will revert back to default
  • This overlay is not automatically triggered by external event or action

Install suggestions

  • (Skip this step if you are not using webcam in live stream as in picture in picture) – Follow basic steps to add the webcam frame browser based overlay into Scene management panel
  • Click the + icon from Scene management panel to select the Browser option with local file as source. Locate Top Tippers overlay from downloaded folder
  • Set up width and height according to your screen resolution
  • Use the Interact OBS feature to change content in real time
  • Please note, none of the editing is permanently saved

Downloaded file comes with documentation file, live demos and resources.

Additional information


File Type


OBS Software, Interact feature


Ask question

Does it work with SplitCam Software?

Yes it is compatible with SplitCam Software but without Interact functionality.
No, this is not a Tip Alert. Visibility (hide or show overlay) is made manually from sofware option
It runs from your laptop/pc . No hosting needed.

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