My Tip Menu SplitCam overlay

My Tip Menu SplitCam overlay


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Description – My Tip Menu – SplitCam Software Overlay

SplitCam overlay

Browser based – local file My Tip Menu overlay for SplitCam Software

Using SplitCam Software to add and display a custom overlay in your live stream


  • browser based overlay for SplitCam
  • runs locally (from your desktop/laptop)
  • it doesn’t use resources like images (faster rendering)
  • non-trigger
  • non-interactive
  • all editing is made manually by changing the source markup code

How to use

  • download zip file and extract its content
  • open SplitCam Software and click the + icon next to Media Layers library (tool tip : Add a new capture source layer)
  • choose Browser as source of your overlay
  • copy the full path of your html file you’ve downloaded
  • paste the URL in the Add Browser window / URL box and click the Add blue button
  • optional you can drag the blue corners of the layer to reposition, resize…

Update: 10 Jun 21

SplitCam Software has developed and implemented the Interact functionality. Use Interact option to change content directly from SplitCam


How to install?

Follow the install suggestions (documentation file provided) - visit support forum for general install instructions
SplitCam Software implemented support for interactive functionality via SplitCam app, some editing can be done using Interact option. 
Strictley related to overlays: post on forum community or contact us directley SplitCam Software suggestions, feedback or assistance are to be addressed to their staff. Ative support forum.