Jessy Design

Jessy Design



About Jessy Chaturbate bio design

Available sections:

  • custom header image
  • 4 editable boxes with side image and editable text
  • room rules section with unlimited number of room rules which can be added
  • my tip menu with editable tip request and token amount
  • my top tippers, section image editable text and unlimited number of premium usernames
  • spoil me, 3 generic gift cards with external button
  • copyright box with editable content
  • floating icons and micro-animated banner


All editing and content customization is made via manual edit of the source markup.

All images must be uploaded on a host (online image hosting service) and replace full URL path inside the markup source.

Using your favorite text editor, open the source markup of this template and change only the text-based content, replace default images with your own graphics, add your links and Save edited design

Design compatible with Camgirl Live Editor tool


After install images don't show up, why?

- make sure all your images are hosted (uploaded) online and direct full URL path is replaced in source markup - check to see if Chaturbate's media server is up and running.
- make sure your account is verified by CB
All products come with documentation file. For additional info please visit support forum