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Install a custom Chaturbate Bio design

Install process it's pretty straightforward. You've downloaded and edited a Chaturbate bio design from our platform. Once you are done with editing process, follow these steps: Make sure all your HTML tags are properly closed All images are hosted and replaced in markup source code of the design Copy all HTML markup Go to Chaturbate , Bio tab, click the Edit Your Bio link (you'll need to be logged in into your .

General Troubleshooting

These are most common issues you'll stumble upon installing and running a custom Chaturbate bio design on your page. Images don't show up - make sure all your images are uploaded online (hosted) and the source markup has full url path of the image (e.g. https: // the-hosted-image-service. com/your-image.jpg) -- added a few blank spaces so it does not render the example as a link - make sure Chaturbate server used for media is up and running. .

Use of web fonts in custom online projects

You want to spice-up your web page project with ? Why not! There are a lot of resources/services which allow the use of web fonts for free, why not take advantage and make your project look more appealing. First of all, what are web fonts? What is the difference between the downloaded and installed on your device (laptop/pc) and self-hosted fonts? Well, the biggest difference it the font extension for one. Most common font extensions .