LP 36 BS- Diane

LP 36 BS- Diane



Diane ready-made template

Diane – custom one page template based on Bootstrap framework

Responsive, clean, easy to use and eye-catchy define Diane template landing page design

Use your favorite editor to edit the template’s overall content, look and feel Can be used by webcam performers, front-page for models by studio management platform, escort agencies/services


No editing skills? Don’t worry, follow this simplified step-by-step suggestions and your project will be up and running in no time

Open html files in your favorite text editor (Notepad, or Notepad++ will work just fine) and change all content you need. Texts, links, images. Make sure your replacement images are located in design’s images directory (folder)

Once you’re happy with your editing process and all content has been reviewed, save the file (don’t change the name) and click to open it you your default browser. Test and see if it looks like you want

Your content has been updated. — If necessary, edit the source markup again and remember to save it.

After you’re done with adding your own content, swap images, add links, upload site’s pages and folders to your host.


We can suggest 2 methods for uploading your files to host.

You can use FileZilla free desktop app (available for Windows or macOS)

Second option is much simpler and more direct Upload the site’s files (except the documentation files) to your host via control panel provided by your hosting provider

Downloaded file comes with full detailed install and editing documentation, resources and suggestions you might find very useful.


How to edit?

Use any text editor tool to edit source markup of this template
After all editing and customization are made, upload site files to your host
No, this template doesn't require the use of databse because is using a single html web page with static content