Script Source Editor

Script Source Editor




Source Editor tool (beta) is a simple HTML file (web page) with a few lines of code.

Key features:

  • works online (can be uploaded on a host) or offline (runs from your laptop/pc)
  • option to view edit and render web pages or code snippets
  • load an entire web page into editor too, edit the source markup and save
  • option to resize the Rendering frame/window No dependencies, all js, css, html markup codes and programming language run from the same single file.

I personally use this simple SE when coding some basic templates for CB/NF bios. Some of our designs have a similar source editor tool already provided in the downloaded file.


How does this script work?

Type, Paste a markup code snippet or browse for web page and click the Preview button.
Move the Source Editor file in the same folder/directory as the file you want to edit or view its source.
Nope, this simple script work both online and offline environment and doesn't need an internet connection if you're source file is from your laptop/pc