NF Design Jason

NF Design Jason



Jason custom NiteFlirt design for male PSOs – template 25

Concept and design suitable for Male PSOs

Available sections:

  • top PSO’s editable username
  • 4 icons with external link
  • 3 generic images which can be changed(*)
  • editable text box
  • editable combo box with header image and 6 Tribute buttons
  • editable text box

(*) – no need to edit them for perspective look or reflect, the CSS will do that, all you need to do is to simply replace default ones.


You’ve edited and tested your custom design and looks good? Go to install process

  1. Copy all HTML markup code of the design.
  2. Go you your NiteFlirt page, and paste your custom markup code in available box
  3. Save

If your custom NiteFlirt design is exceeding the 7k max characters imposed by NF platform, you can paste your custom code in Listings box which accepts 14k max characters. When the code is added, NiteFlirt will show an error and suggestion to accept their version. When this happens, Niteflirt is adding a couple of spaces between elements. Accept and use their version which adds each block on its own line.


How to use this template?

After download, extract content from zip file and read the documentation. 
Use any text editor to edit the markup source code provided. Or contact us to get your customization done so you don't have to deal with markup code editing and image hosting (this is a commercial service).
Make sure all your images are hosted online and dont' forget to replace the full URL path inside the code
Usually our codes have less spaces between HTML elements and upon install on NiteFlirt you'll be prompted with an error. Allow NiteFlirt fix (which adds some spaces between block elements - results in increased number of characters)
When this particular message shows up upon installing your custom code, we recommend removing some unnecessary editing and try again or better suggestion from NiteFlirt is to add the markup code in Listing Box which allows around 14k characters / (Bio max character is set to 7k). More info on support forum