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    Dan N

    These are most common issues you’ll stumble upon installing and running a custom Chaturbate bio design on your page.

    Images don’t show up
    – make sure all your images are uploaded online (hosted) and the source markup has full url path of the image (e.g. https: // the-hosted-image-service. com/your-image.jpg) — added a few blank spaces so it does not render the example as a link
    – make sure Chaturbate server used for media is up and running. Right-click the broken image and open it in another tab. If the images shows up, then you’re ok, if not and you see a 502 error… obviously you can see what’s wrong
    – make sure all images have the appropriate image extension like jpeg / jpg / png / gif / svg (in some cases) and not .html or .php — weird things happen so keep an eye on image extensions especially with embedded images

    Markup code render as plain text
    – make sure your Chaturbate account is verified. If it is you might want to take a look at your markup, maybe there’s an HTML tag which is not properly closed.
    Ether way, to test and see if your Chaturbate page is allowed to render custom markup try with a simpler code snippet like this
    <p style="color;blue;">This text should be blue</p>

    All designs available on MarketerBay don’t have the “better positioning” defined in the default code because outside Chaturbate, the layout will look cutoff from left side but, once you install the design on Chaturbate, for better positioning of the layout we’d suggest using -146px margin instead of the default -14px.
    Open the source markup code and in the style of the first <ul> element you’ll see margin:120px auto 50px -14px; – replace with margin:120px auto 50px -146px and will move the layout from top and more to the left margin.

    If you have other questions, suggestions or feedback, post

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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