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    Dan N

    SplitCam Software - MarketerBay.Com

    SplitCam Software is a live streaming/multistreaming tool used by webcam performers and non-webcam performers to broadcast on one or multiple platforms at the same time.
    But, this is just one service which SplitCam allows you to do… there are many more features which can power up your online activity like recording your live stream your broadcast, enhance live streaming session with custom overlays, filters, slideshows, share screen… and the list of features is much bigger, it’s not the scope of this material to review all SplitCam Software functionality so, feel free to visit their website for more useful info and documentation.

    Install process is simple, SplitCam having an intuitive interface you’ll have no problem to visually-enhance your live stream with custom stuff.

    A general download and install of our resources for SplitCam:

    1. Download and unzip the content of the zip file
    2. Locate the download directory/folder if it comes with install instructions or some form of documentation, make sure to read it and follow the instructions
    3. Open SplitCam, from Media Layer Library click the + button to select the source of your layer

    That’s it. Because not all content provided in this platform is the same, other settings and actions from your behalf might be required.

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