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General Install process of BongaCams designs

This topic covers the general process of installing a markup-based (coded) profile design on BongaCams platform. Profile mode: classic Copy your custom markup code and go to BongaCams profile page Select the classic button and (if you don't have a custom block) create a new block to hold your layout. Click the Add Block button Type a name for it and in .


Searching for information about customizing BongaCams profile pages? This might be a good starting .

General Install

Install Process After you are done with editing process and saved your design, copy all markup code which needs to be added to your NiteFlirt Bio box. Simply click to copy - Paste on your NiteFlirt Bio box. Save. That’s it. Additional information: If your custom NiteFlirt design is exceeding the 7k max characters imposed by NF platform, you can paste the generated code in Listings box which accepts 14k max characters. Sometimes, when the code is added, NiteFlirt will .

NiteFlirt Designs

NiteFlirt designs, resources, suggestions, ideas and your feedback. Join this forum category to find out .

I found that drawing random stuff can be relaxing

While I was creating and testing a custom brush for Autodesk SketchBook software I've noticed that drawing "gibberish" random stuff can be very relaxing. I haven't tried the classic method with pen on plain paper but yea, all work no fun?! I'm not a graphic artist but I do have a hobby. I use Pen (stylus) and graphic tablet (Intuos CTH-40) so pen pressure is enabled allowing me to do variations. About Autodesk SketchBook, well... .

General Troubleshooting

These are most common issues you'll stumble upon installing and running a custom Chaturbate bio design on your page. Images don't show up - make sure all your images are uploaded online (hosted) and the source markup has full url path of the image (e.g. https: // the-hosted-image-service. com/your-image.jpg) -- added a few blank spaces so it does not render the example as a link - make sure Chaturbate server used for media is up and running. .


All work no fun? No way, off bay, off shore... oh yes, off topic .

Install a custom Chaturbate Bio design

Install process it's pretty straightforward. You've downloaded and edited a Chaturbate bio design from our platform. Once you are done with editing process, follow these steps: Make sure all your HTML tags are properly closed All images are hosted and replaced in markup source code of the design Copy all HTML markup Go to Chaturbate , Bio tab, click the Edit Your Bio link (you'll need to be logged in into your .